How To Take Care of Your Liver With A Natural Cirrhosis Treatment

Cirrhosis of the liver is an inflammatory disease and also degenerative. Scars form from this constant irritation and the liver becomes somoewhat calloused. All of this scarred tissue does not allow for adequate blood flow or for your liver to function as it's supposedly to. Nutrients, drugs and hormones are all processed by the liver- if it can not do it's job, you have a problem. The liver damage also slows down the production of protein which is important for your overall health. In this brief article, we'll delve into some of the natural cirrhosis treatment available.

Liver cirrhosis, you may not be surprised to know, is primarily caused by ingesting too much alcohol. Young to middle age Americans represent one highly affected group, being one of the 4 most deadly diseases. So if you consume large quantities of alcohol on a regular basis you need to be particularly careful, since you will be a likely candidate to contract this deadly disease.

Here are a few natural liver cirrhosis treatments:

Recommended herbs:

Milk Thistle extract, also known as Silymarin, has been scientifically proven to help repair and rejuvenate the liver. 3 200 mg doses is the normal amount suggested.

Red clover, dandelion and burdock root are also valuable herbs that help aid in liver repair. Effectively, these help scrub your bloodstream, making your liver's job that much easier.

Another excellent herbal remedy is alfalfa. Plenty of vitamin K in alfalfa and it even helps with digestion. It also assists in preventing bleeding due to a vitamin K deficiency. Those with liver cirrhosis know thys all too well. You can get your alfalfa in pill or liquid.

More considerations:

It is very important to keep your colon clean. Toxin accumulation will exit the liver and wreak havoc, so help speed it on it's journey. It's also a good idea to avoid foods that will make you constipated. It just overtaxes your liver that much more- and the liver could use a break.

It's important for your diet to contain the proper amounts of inositol, choline and lecithin. You'll also want to have the proper amounts of Balkan fiber in your system too. Cirrhosis sufferers want to eat a diet consisting of 75% of raw foods, and if your case is extremely severe you should eat only fresh vegetables and fruits. Potassium is also important to add to your diet and keep at the optimum level. Here are a few other good additions to your diet: goat's milk and related products, almonds, seeds, grains and brewer's yeast.

Following the advice in this article and getting further education into what is best for your body will help you make great strides in healing your liver. This is the best way to accomplish cirrhosis treatment naturally.