How-to Succeed Against All Odds

Last year, I won my division at an AAU sanctioned Powerlifting meet (squat, bench press and deadlift). Not bad, considering I have a rare muscle disorder called Periodic   Paralysis . I’m not anything special, but I do know a secret that you can use today to start succeeding against all odds in your own life. It is easy, and I know you can do it too, if you try. (That was a hint!)

With Periodic  Paralysis , the cell membranes leak potassium ions, causing the muscle cells to rapidly and unpredictably drain down and quite working–like the flash in a disposable camera. For me, exercise is a big trigger. My training for this meet consisted entirely of working up to one big single, in one of the main lift, once per week. That’s all I could do, but every week for eight weeks, I would try. (Have you started to figure out the secret?)

On the day of the meet, I didn’t do any warm-up lifts. My opening lift WAS my warm-up! Then I tried something heavier, and on my third attempt, I tried to set a new Personal Record (PR). Only in the squat, did I actually set a new PR, but I tried. (Do you see where I’m coming from?)

At this meet, most of the other guys my size were 50% stronger than me. Thousands of gym rats could have lifted more than I did, and beaten me at this AAU tournament. They never showed up. They weren’t there. They chickened out, didn’t think they were good enough, didn’t come or were afraid to even TRY! So I won! Now, what’s the secret to overcoming great odds and maybe, just maybe coming out a winner? (You already know the answer, don’t you.) You have to try! You have to try.