How to Stop Your Puppy From Jumping On Everybody

It was not that long ago our Chessie / Golden mix, Sonagh, would go into a state of complete apoplexy with the arrival of guests. She would be completely out of her mind. . . to the point where I could not open the door. Well today, I can report both of my dogs stay in their sit position and are perfectly quiet when anyone arrives at the door.

This article will show you what you need to do to stop your dog from jumping up on everyone who enters your house.

And here's the good news: Your problem is solvable, because dogs are very trainable. That behavior just needs to be modified into acceptable house manners.

So the first thing you want to do, if you do not have one, is get your dog a Gentle Leader. You can find one at your local vet office or pet supply store.

Now here's how the training starts: Before company comes, take your dog for a good, vigilous, half hour walk, making sure they stay in a heel the whole time. You want to be in charge of the walk, not your dog. No sniffing and exploring on this trip. This does two things.

1 – It uses up some of your dog's energy

2 – It establishes your leadership

Next, when company comes, pick a spot you want to establish as your dog's "company spot." This can be 4-5 feet back from the front door. Next, have your dog in their Gentle Leader with the leash clipped to it. Then put them in a sit / stay and step on the leash so your dog can not get their head any higher than a normal sit position.

Praise them for sitting nicely and give them a special treat you use ONLY when guests are coming. Try some dried liver bits – disgusting to us but candy for dogs. Now have someone else answer the door while you continue to manage your dog. Keep them focused on the trips, their sit / stay and your praise.

You may even want to develop a command for this activity. If you tell your dog "Company!" they will eventually associate their "company spot" and the desired behavior with this command.

It's just that simple.

Now I'll be honest, you will need to practice this quite a bit before you can expect a calm dog when people come into the house. So make people coming and going from your home a regular thing rather than a special event.

I think one of the other factors is how your guests react to your dog. You can help coach them so they can change their behavior. This will help with your dog's behavior, because their anxiety over the bouncing, jumping dog is being delivered to your dog and she is, in turn, reacting to it.

Your dog will probably continue to try your patience – that's what puppies and dogs do. Just hang in there, because it will be worth it! Ear scratches to wee your dog! Tell them, with your help and dedication, they're going to be an incredible dog some day!

May you all have great moments with your dog.