How to Stop Vomiting – Foods to Avoid

There are many reasons why people vomit and many wan to learn how to stop from vomiting. Before you try to stop vomiting you need to try to determine why you or someone else is vomiting in the first place. Most vomiting is due to diarrhea, cholera or food poisoning. Vomiting can sometimes be caused by very serious diseases like diabetes so if you can’t determine the cause of your vomiting you should speak to a doctor.

One of the best treatments is to try to prevent it from happening in the first place. You can take steps to make sure that you eliminate the need to vomit. These steps include not eating stale foods, avoiding deep fried and spicy foods, don’t use a lot of oil, eating fresh fruits and vegetables to keep your insides healthy, and not eating too much meat.

Some ways to stop vomiting include taking an electrolyte liquid or rice water to the individual vomiting, avoid giving them lemon water, do not drink water or liquids as it can cause the vomiting to get worse, give soda water as it can counteract vomiting, chew gum with a minty flavor, have the person lying down and resting, avoiding fatty foods, and sipping lukewarm water, but only after it has been boiled.

When you vomit you can easily become dehydrated but it can be difficult, as some liquids will cause your vomiting to get worse. It is best that you wait an hour after vomiting so you don’t trigger the vomiting again. Sports drinks and flat soda are popular.

A great and effective home remedy used roasted cardamom in a mixture of honey. Ginger tea can help with the nausea associated with vomiting and honey can soothe your throat. Ginger is a natural remedy for motion sickness and is excellent at settling your stomach.