How to Stop Stammering – 1 Simple Practice That Will Decrease Your Stutter in Under 10 Minutes

If you could discover how to stop stammering instantly and cure your stutter, your life will instantly change for the better. I know exactly how you feel when it comes to wanting to stop stammering for life, because I use to stutter myself.

No, stammering is not a disease, it is a speech problem that very much takes control of how you communicate with others, how others listen to you, and sometimes the way you perform at the job.

As a little girl, I use to be embarrassed to talk to people because of my speech problem. Whenever I spoke, people stared at me crazy and laughed at the face expression I made when trying to pronounce certain words.

 As I got older, my stuttering wasn’t as bad and I realized that every time I wasn’t feeling scared or thinking about me stuttering, I wouldn’t stutter at all or it wasn’t that bad.

So,  If you could decrease your stammering by one notch, I bet you would feel better about yourself. I’ve learned that people who stutter want to get into certain emotional states of mind and that causes them to begin stuttering because it acts like a trigger.

Kind of confuse? Stuttering never occurs on the words that are said. Stuttering begins when specific words which cause triggering emotional states begin to come up.

Did you know that stuttering comes about when not releasing your breath when you speak? When this happens, stuttering becomes part of your conditioning by causing a change in your habitual breathing patterns and this makes talking difficult without the right techniques to correct it.

With this little knowledge, you can practice breathing on certain words that triggers your stutter and see how it works for you. Doing this help you stop stammering in under ten minutes! Do you want to be one step away from curing your stutter?