How To Stop Phobias

There are so many phobias from A-Z which can be so controlling. Phobias can really make our lives hell. It’s just not enough that you have to feel intense fear, over time you start worrying about having a phobic attack. To make matters worse, you might start even worrying about being embarrassed by others noticing you have a phobia of something you think is “silly!”

But the fact is, phobias are not genetic like eye colour. You learn to have phobias and can unlearn them if you are willing.

I help people to discover in their experience, not just intellectually, how to feel safe enough to face their fears and phobias. Then over time it is common to stop worrying so much and start living again.

Don’t think of phobias as something incurable. In fact, dont think of curing them either because there are not a disease! Phobias are learned usually when we are very young. I help people overcome phobias all the time.

Can you imagine now what your life would be like if you didnt have phobias? Have you lived phobia free before now? It is absolutely possible, even if you have tried other forms of therapy which haven’t worked. Contact me for help.

Combining counselling, psychotherapy, NLP, hypnotherapy and mindfulness meditation in a unique system enables you to learn how to stop worrying about having a phobic attack and then, reduce your fear intensity.

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There is a list of common phobias and hypnosis mp3s to help you with your here.