How To Stop Head Zaps Permanently!



First off, I want you to understand this. WHATEVER physical symptoms of anxiety you are experiencing, whether it be anxiety chest pain, head zaps, dizziness, headaches, numbness, depression, confusion, electric shock feelings, pins and needles, tingling sensations, or ANY other symptom for that matter – they are all completely and utterly HARMLESS. Yes, they may feel horrific, and I know this because I have been there. But do not give your head zaps or other symptoms any credit and KNOW that these symptoms will go away, because they will, I promise.


Now, I’m going to assume that since you are reading this article, you have probably experienced head zaps and felt pretty freaked out about it at first, which caused you to make a doctor’s appointment. In the unlikely event that he didn’t tell you what’s causing your head zaps, I will fill you in. You are having head zaps because you have an anxiety disorder. Fact – anxiety is the ONLY condition which can cause head zaps and it is, again, a totally harmless condition, which I will explain the cause of now and then tell you how you can permanently and naturally CURE it (not manage it with medication. CURE it).


Anxiety disorder is a behavioural condition – it is not a disease or illness. You are not having head zaps because of some sinister medical condition. You are JUST anxious. Anxious behaviour is a habit, which is controlled by the suboncious part of the brain called the ‘amygdala’. When appropriate, anxiety is an important function of the body as it prepares us to protect ourselves when REAL danger is present, for example, if we were to be chased by a wild animal.

Anxiety DISORDER however, is innapropriate anxiety because it causes the sufferer to experience feelings and symptoms of anxiety when there is no real danger present. The sufferer then becomes inward and worries about these symptoms which causes more anxiety. As anxiety levels rise, the subconscious mind rewires itself to adjust to this new behaviour.

What happens is the amygdala RESETS itself to this innapropriate level of anxiety and it becomes the norm. Your anxiety is completely normal. It is your body telling you that you are supposed to be scared. It is simply just innappropriate anxiety because, ofcourse, you are not supposed to be scared as there is no danger present. What I have just said may sound like fanciful theoritcal talk, but it is not. It is 100% medical fact. Anxiety IS a behavioural condition and it is the only reason you are experiencing head zaps.


Now, to cure anxiety disorder you MUST break the anxious habit by practising new non-anxious behaviour. Fact – This is the ONLY cure for anxiety and anxiety related conidtions, NOT because I am a genius and I say so, but because it is 100% scientific fact – to remove your anxiety you HAVE to eliminate the subconscious habit.

The most effective way to do this is to follow the principles set out in a method called the ‘Linden Method’, a natural anxiety cure which was developed by arguably the world’s leading anxiety expert, Charles Linden. I have seen this method work thousands of times and Charles Linden will no doubt tell you he has seen it work 20 times more than that. It is fast, effective, natural and 100% guaranteed. If you are not totally cured using this method your money will gladly be refunded in full!

This I promise you, follow this method and you will NEVER experience head zaps or any other unpleasant anxiety symptoms again.