How To Stop A Vaginal Smell That Stinks – Vagina Odor Causes

Vaginal Smell: I hate the word stink but at the minute my vagina is doing just that. Okay so your vagina doesn’t smell to healthy, what is wrong with that? It’s perfectly normal to have vaginal odour! Would I be right in saying you know the difference between a normal odour to that of an abnormal one, therefore the reason for querying why your vagina is so smelly. I don’t like the word stink either, so from now I’ll use words like smelly, unhealthy, offensive, unpleasant, nasty or whatever, anything but stink, oh and pong too another word I don’t like to use

Just because the vagina is neatly tucked away for the best part of the day, doesn’t mean you should forget about it. Them that choose to ignore its existence, not checking what it is up too, could at some time suffer heartache even pain if something happens they’re not aware of until it is too late. Regular inspection is a must, if this goes amiss then the more serious side of things like vaginal disease can easily kick in.

For the record: Women have their own original smell but it should never be foul. And vaginal discharge is normal. Discharge should appear creamy white or clear, other from this is an indication something is wrong. It doesn’t have to be something serious but still get a doctor’s opinion.

There’s always going to be odor in the genital area, but if it is not going away after a good scrub then infection cannot be ruled out. Before you go panicking, poor hygiene can also do this. You don’t have to be a dirty person if that’s what your thinking to have a personal hygiene problem. You can wash the vagina over and over but if not thoroughly cleaned then smell will remain. Having said this intense washing is not the answer either, and neither is it good to douche, that is unless under doctors orders. Feminine odor is something every woman of reproductive age may suffer at some time. It can develop when there is an overgrowth of bad bacteria in the vagina which disrupt the pH balance of the vaginal flora.

Bacterial vaginosis is the infection to look towards if a fishy smell with a runny white or grey discharge is present. If its more a yeasty odor, then its likely a yeast infection, which typically brings more discharge and looks like clotted cheese.

Odour times and explanations

Menstruation: The vagina is an organ that self cleans, but when on your periods it needs help as it can only do so much in the way of getting rid of smell and stale blood. Menstrual odour can be strong and in most cases of unpleasant smell is due to not giving the genital area a thorough wash. A quick swill with water or a wet flannel is not enough to rid odor and other. Menstrual blood doesn’t smell and comes from one of the cleanest parts of the body. The vagina is clean because it’s slightly acidic to keep a good balance of bacteria, but blood can alter the pH of the vagina which then affect’s bacterial balance. Being a nutritious substance bacteria thrive off menstrual flow. Blood and bacteria exposed to air will in return become smelly. A lot of the time sanitary products are to blame because they stop blood from drying which encourages bacterial growth.

Because tampons hold blood this can affect the pH, so now the vagina is an ideal place for bacteria to grow, with warmth, moisture, nutritious menstrual blood and oxygen from the fibres. Sanitary towels prevent blood being absorbed or drying, so, keeps bacteria alive.

Prime time for odor is after sexual intercourse: A mix of smells inside the vagina along with lingering ejaculate will cause the odor thats questioned, especially by them having sex for the first time. Semen has its own unique smell.

Aggressive cleaning can destroy the natural vaginal flora (lactobacilli).

Sweating is a common cause of genital smell. More moisture means more bacterial growth.

Sweet foods and drinks can increase the amount of yeast in the vagina, upping the odds of a yeast infection.

Cancer of the cervix, uterine or bowel: Bad odor can be caused by cancerous cells within the cervix. Although particular infections have symptoms that include a watery discharge and stinks, cervical cancer may also bring similar symptoms.

Vaginal or genital herpes is caused by a virus normally passed onto another through skin to skin contact during sexual intercourse. Both vaginal yeast and vaginal herpes may cause discharge, odor, burning, itching, inflammation, irritation, redness and blisters. So which is which? Vaginal herpes symptoms, itching and burning normally stay at two locations, whereas with yeast, itching can branch out anywhere in and around the vagina and vulva. Aside from smell herpes discharge is usually thick and yellow.

Poor hygiene: Soap and water and plenty of it is the solution for sorting out an odor problem that is if infection isn’t present. If you don’t have an original odour but one that’s unpleasant call and see your doctor to find out the reason why it’s changed.