How to Stimulate the Clitoris – Tips to Pleasure Your Woman All Night Long With Mind Blowing Orgasms

Women are real discreet when it comes to the subject of sex. This is the reason why men struggle with lack of information over this matter. But it doesn’t take a genius to find out how to stimulate the clitoris. When you look around you would see tons of web pages dealing with this topic.

What many people don’t know is that the clitoris looks a little like the penis. Of course, it’s very small, but when your partner is aroused, this miniature thing stretches upward and you will notice a shaft a hood that are very much like your member.

You can’t just go directly to touching it. To most women, it is painful when not aroused. So you must make it your goal to bring her to the state of arousal. How to do this, you may ask. It’s a rather lengthy process, actually, but something very pleasurable to both of you. It entails striking small conversation with her, whispering in the dark, touching and kissing and necking.

When you have done substantial foreplay, reach out to her clitoris and gently ease into it. Now it is very important that you don’t press too hard into it because it can be very sensitive bordering on painful. This is where open communication comes in. As you touch the clitoris, ask your girlfriend what she feels about it. If she doesn’t feel any pain, you can now slowly go down to officially work on it.

There are thousand of nerve endings in this tiny button but they are all concentrated on one spot only. Generally, it is on the upper right quadrant when you’re facing her. Roll your tongue around this area and check out if she responds. If not, you may try the other quadrants until you have found the holy grail.

The speed and pressure that you apply on the clitoris should depend on her comfort level. Some women are not really comfortable with their clitoris being pressed too hard. Again, open the lines of communication so you can maneuver things smoothly.

There are several positions that you can try during penetration where the clitoris is not completely left out. The first one is the doggy style. With you humping on her back, try to reach out to her vagina and play around with the clitoris. Or she may do it herself while you’re doing your thing behind her.

The other position is getting her on top so that she can adjust the angle with which her clitoris is hit. This is favorable to many women because they are in control and can easily detect the angle that gives them the most pleasure.