How to Stimulate New Hair Growth Naturally

When traditional products just don’t seem to work, you can always learn how to stimulate new hair growth naturally and do those techniques instead. Many have started using all-organic ways to stimulate hair growth simply because it very low in price to do so, and in most cases they work far better than traditional products available.

To stimulate new hair growth naturally you will need an empty and usable plastic pump bottle. Pour and fill it 75% with purified water. Then take jojoba oil and put in about 20 drops of it in the bottle. Add about 7 drops of each of these essential oils: rosemary, thyme, cedarwood, lavender, tea extract, and peppermint. Shake the bottle until the solution mixes well.

To apply this oil solution on your hair, make sure your hair is clean and lighly damp, then spray on of the solution to your hair and scalp, make sure it touches the surface of your scalp, this is most important. The oils help stimulate hair growth by reducing DHT in your hair follicles and increasing blood flow. How it does that is the oils attach themselves to your hair strands and helps attract blood.

DHT does the opposite, so it’s better to have natural oils there to help with aiding in your hair’s health. To improve the efficiency of this and how to stimulate new hair growth naturally without harming your hair be sure to keep this bottle in the refrigerator, the cooler it is, the more blood flow it will stimulate.

It’s recommended to use this spray twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening. Your hair will begin to grow thicker and shinier, you may even notice new fuzzy hairs sprouting here and there, just try to spray this daily, it makes a world of difference in the health of your hair.