How to Spot Head Lice Like a Professional

Head lice are very disturbing. As lice continue to grow in number, the nuisance they create also increases. It is very annoying when you start to feel itchy on your head and begin to scratch. They can be very irritating because you get rashes behind your ears and at the back of your neck. It is also embarrassing to be seen scratching your head especially in public. Anyone can get infected with head lice. However, children and girls are more prone to getting infected with them. Before lice grow in number, it is important to spot them immediately and get rid of them right away. Spotting them right away would help you remove them and get rid of them before they get to spread. There are tips and suggestions in order to spot lice.

You need to secure a special comb that can remove them from your hair and a piece of white cloth or white paper. This special comb can be found in pharmacies and supermarkets. In combing your hair, you need to tip down the brush and start brushing from roots to tips over the white piece of cloth or paper. Keep brushing while taking note of the small particles falling into the white cloth. You may not be able to remove all of the lice immediately but skins cast off by young lice will be scrapped off by the comb. It may be hard to spot them when your hair is dry since lice can just freely run away and hide in other areas.

Since it is hard to spot them with dry hair, try to wash your hair and leave it damp. Before using the lice comb, fix your hair first with the use of an ordinary comb and apply a conditioner into your hair. When you comb your hair with the lice comb, see to it that you do not miss any section or any corner. You can do this by dividing your hair in different sections and brush each section. After brushing, wipe the comb with a tissue and check if you see lice on it. Spotting them and removing them when your hair is wet is easier because it’s hard for lice to run away and hide.

Another way of spotting lice is through the use of a magnifying glass. Using a magnifier, you can really see head lice, nits and eggs as you inspect the scalp and the hair. Nits and eggs actually look like dandruff spots with whitish or grayish color while the head lice are usually in dark brownish color. Spotting the head lice is quite difficult so you really need to be very keen at observing.

You can also spot them in your pillows or in your collars. Lice can sometime fall off into those places. You can also check your towels. You should also get rid of lice feces since they are infectious to our skin. Once you see some tiny black specks, immediately remove them.