How to Solve Insomnia – Treating Insomnia

In the seemingly never ending quest to find out how to solve insomnia problems which plague us every night, we tend to first gravitate toward the obvious … drugs. Now, the problem with this is fairly well known, as many have gone through the dependencies that these addictive medications are prone to cause. Of course, whether prescription or over the counter, sleeping pills lose their effectiveness after only one or two months, at which time addiction may already have a foothold.

But in the research done to find out just how to solve the problems of sleep deprivation and insomnia, there have been breakthroughs in more scientific methods of approach which are much safer, have no dangers of dependency, and continue to work even after the therapy has done its job and no longer is needed. These involve listening to certain special audio tracks … and no, I'm not talking about anything subliminal or hypnotic here. Certain tones and pulses in specific frequencies induce the production of certain brainwaves which occur during the different phases in the natural cycle of sleep.

This is exactly how to solve conditions such as insomnia and sleep deprivation. Before, binaural audio therapies worked excellently, except for the drawback that a person had to use stereo headphones to implement the treatment. Needless to say, trying to sleep with headphones on can be counterproductive, as they may come off in sleep and even wake you up. However, there is a more effective type of audio programming known as isochronic tones and pulses which need no stereo equipment.

Just a regular CD player will do just fine, and the tones and pulses are barely even audible. Relaxing, brainwave inducing, mind calming sounds which gear your brain to quiet all the mental chatter and relax to a state where sleep is most conducive. To date, Isochronic audio therapy is the safest, quickest, most effective method – this is how to solve insomnia.