How to Solve Anxiety?

How to solve anxiety? Anxiety is described as a reaction to the future threat or unknown. Whenever we move out of our comfort zone, some kind of anxiety is always there. Anxiety is a very common phenomenon. It is a common notification that anxiety is something wrong. Anxiety is simply a reaction of our body-mind to thecoming challenge.

It may be anxiety of giving a speech, giving an examination ,coming disease, going for a tour, catching a train, trouble in the market, social meetings, trouble at the work place, giving birth to a child, financial crisis, giving an interview etc. . . .

The fear of the future threat is so much that our heart beats go up, we start sweating, our body even trembles, we become tense, nervous. Now what happens is we start to control this situation & try to relax or suppress it. But both the things do not work. Our anxiety goes on increasing.

It becomes a vicious circle. The fear creates anxiety & anxiety creates fear. And if it goes on like this it can turn into a panic attack.

We have got two brains; left & right. Usually we live with the left brain which is rational brain, logical brain. This brain only thinks in a mathematical manner only. And life is rational as well as irrational. But as we have lost the balance of both the brains, we become tense in any difficulty & can not relax.

This century is living in left brain most of the time. Of course it has produced wealth in the world, but there is no juice in life. And anxiety & stress are the result of it.

How can we break this vicious circle & bring the balance in life? Anxiety is a indicator only, and if we can understand the reason, we can live a life of happiness, bliss & joy. Anxiety can become a creative phenomenon.