How To Simply Cure Edema Naturally

If you are searching for a way to cure edema, you have to first seek to understand the condition.

First, a quick definition. Edema is the swelling of various body parts, including but not limited to the legs, feet, ankles, and in some cases even upper extremities such as feet and hands. This happens because an abnormal amount of fluid accumulates in such areas – it can leak into the open spaces of the body – and cannot be adequately removed or dealt with by the body itself. Lower extremities are most often where such fluid accumulates because gravity pulls the fluid downwards. When such swollen areas are touched or pressed, indentations may be formed which may take some time to vanish – the flesh may take a little while to return to the state it was in before it was touched or pressed. Some people who have had edema have reported occasional tingling sensations in these areas.

What then are the causes of edema? There are many possible causes of edema, and they range from the mild and relatively harmless to the potentially life-threatening. Simple exposure to heat and very hot weather can cause fluid to accumulate, leading to edema – even relatively healthy people can suffer from this condition from time to time; however, this sort of edema usually goes away by itself even if not treated. Pregnant women are also likely to suffer from edema; some of these women may not need to seek a way to cure their edema, as it will go away over time. Other causes are more serious and need attention and treatment, such as dehydration (if the body senses dehydration it can end up holding on to its stored water instead of releasing it), edema that occurs as a side effect of anemia, liver disease, heart failure, vein problems, and thyroid conditions. Because edema can be one of the first symptoms of these and other potentially fatal conditions, sufferers should seek medical attention just to be sure instead of just trying to cure edema.

Now that we have discussed what can cause edema, we can bring up cures for the condition. Should a sufferer’s edema result from any of the less serious conditions and diseases, a simple diet modification may be able to cure it. Salt is of course necessary for health, but too much salt in the diet can cause problems – one of which can be edema, because salt can cause water retention. Reduce the amount of salt in the diet if this is the case. Increasing protein and fat consumption may also help reduce the edema. If the edema is due to dehydration, enough water should be drunk to bring consumption back to normal or nominal levels; if not, water intake should be reduced. Consider eating less fruits and vegetables, which may increase fluid levels.

Lastly, whatever method is used to cure edema, one should make sure to try to accentuate it by getting enough exercise, which will improve circulation and lead to increased water loss through sweating. And swollen lower extremities may be treated through simple elevation to let gravity drain the water out of afflicted areas.