How to Shrink or Remove My Kidney Cysts


Patients with Kidney Cysts often ask why these cysts tend not to decline automatically and they often ask how to shrink and remove these cysts. Here experts are invited to answer all of these doubts for us.

In general, kidney cysts could be divided into two large categories of Simple Kidney Cysts and Complex Kidney Cysts. The most common cysts are the former type, that is to say they are the type of Simple Kidney Cysts.

Unluckily, in normal cases kidney cysts will not disappear automatically and they also will not heal by themselves. Only treatment can make them disappear. Why could this happen? What is the reason that renal cysts will not tend to fade away automatically?

Experts tell us that renal cysts appeared for the reason that the epithelial cells in renal tubules gets something wrong, which lead to epithelial cells’ abnormal proliferation and enlargement. When the kidney tubules’ epithelial cells are phenotype modulated into the cysts’ epithelial cells, they would secrete some fluids.

Because the epithelial cells are damaged, so they just secrete liquids, but there is no normal excretion channel. With the abundant accumulation of cysts’ liquid, renal cysts can gradually enlarge and also kidneys are growing large together with it.

After we know the development mechanism of renal cysts, then how to shrink and remove these cysts?

At present, there are no any special medicines that can treat these cysts. Traditional Chinese medicine really can play some parts here, however, effective substances in the medicines that can get into the lesion part of kidneys are very small, so the utilization of medicines are very low and cysts are unable to treat completely.

Western methods that are used to treat kidney cysts are mainly confined to surgery. Although surgeries can really eliminate cysts within a short time, however, they tend to relapse and also have some other defects.

Here we recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine, which is a treatment combining traditional Chinese Western medicines. Unlike the traditional oral intake of medicines, it puts the medicines to kidneys by external osmosis, so the medicines’ usage rate is very high.

So now I think that you may have knowledge about how to shrink or remove these cysts. If you are unluckily a sufferer of kidney cysts, we would love to help you.