How to Shrink Fibroids Naturally by Detoxing

Many women wonder how they can shrink fibroids naturally in a bid to either avoid surgery or to make life comfortable for themselves as living with fibroids is no joke! For many, the daily grind of living with solid growths in the abdomen is almost unbearable.

If a woman decides to try to shrink her fibroids naturally, it is important that she understands a little about the nature of the condition. Fibroids are not caused by a disease or germ, but brought about by a combination of lifestyle factors and fixed factors which we can do nothing about. To a certain extent, fibroids are brought about by some factors which are outside our control, such as race and heredity. However, there are many other factors which undoubtedly contribute to fibroid growth and these can be controlled.

Estrogen is very influential in the woman’s body and in susceptible individuals, there is no doubt that it can both spark off the growth of new fibroids and increase the size of existing ones. Fortunately, levels in the body can be controlled to a certain extent and one of the best ways of doing this is by diet. Estrogen is both stored in and manufactured by fat cells and the more we have, the more estrogen there is circulating in the body. By reducing body weight to a level which gives you a healthy “BMI”, you will be naturally reducing the amount of estrogen in the body and therefore potentially, the size of the fibroids.

There is another form of estrogen which is commonly found in the body of women suffering with fibroids and this is an estrogen-mimicking compound which becomes locked in the liver. Under normal circumstances, the liver is a highly effective detoxer without any help, but it cannot seem to remove this particular compound. This substances originates from environmental pollutants and toxins which are present in the world around us. A robust liver detox can help eliminate these substances, thus causing fibroid shrinkage and a cessation of growth. Herbs such as Milk Thistle and Camomile are particularly good detoxers, but there are a number of other methods, such as temporary fasting and dietary adjustments which can be beneficial.