How to Respond to a Femur Fracture

I have received numerous questions about the length of time it takes for a femur fraction to heal. Now this involves many facets of the fracture itself. Depending on the type of fraction and exact location, age of the patient, etc … will no doubt play a huge factor.

Femur fractures can be stubborn when it comes to healing and if you have multiple fractures. Most will heal as planned but there will always seem to be one or two areas that seem to take their time in healing properly.

Back when I had suffered my femur fracture in 1973 there was a simple pinning completed, multiple surgeries due to vascular problems after breaking the bone in nine different locations, then spending four months in a body cast.

The femur being the longest and strongest bone and the body usually is broken from a trauma accident. It takes a great deal of force to break this bone and will also cause damage to the surrounding tissue. The femur is surrounded by a powerful muscle group known as the quadriceps and hamstrings. If the femur is completely fractured the muscles will force the fracture site to shift causing a portion of the femur to lacerate surrounding tissue and or blood vessels. again, this will all depend on the severity of the fraction.

Once repaired by the orthopedic doctor, give the bone time to heal. Once it is cured and you can place your full body weight on the leg you can begin a strengthening program while weight bearing. If there are weight bearing precautions on the affected leg you can do a host of other exercises such as quad sets,, straight leg raises, abduction and adduction exercises.

Your patience will be tested during the healing process but if not properly damaged the injury can give you problems for years to come.

It took me almost a full year to get over my fracture and develop the strength in the thigh needed to carry my weight and walk properly with a walker or cane.

Monitor your diet carefully obtaining plenty of protein and calcium in the diet for bone and muscle re-building and strengthening. Keep a positive you will increase attitude to this injury and plan on bouncing back stronger then you were in the past.

Remember as the good book says in time "all things will be past"