How to Remove Moles – Natural Methods That Can Clear Your Skin


Moles can be identified as a skin condition that can appear on just about any area of the body. There are two types of moles and one is due to genetics while the other is due to sun exposure.

It is important to go to a dermatologist to remove your moles if they change in size, color, or shape. This is due to the fact that some moles are considered cancerous and you should regularly check to make sure yours are not.

There are a number of ways you can remove moles from your body. However, you must be aware that some of these methods to remove moles may leave behind a scar.

One thing you can do is see your dermatologist and try to get an excision. An excision involves the doctor cutting the mole out of your skin and then sewing the skin back together with stitches. When the skin heals up you will have a tiny scar where the mole used to be.

Another way you can remove moles involves a removal method known as cauterized excision mole removal. This procedure involves the dermatologist using a razor sharp instrument to shave the mole out of your skin.

The doctor will then cauterize or burn the affected area on your skin to get rid of the mole. Although this method doesn’t require any stitches you may still have a scar left behind on your skin.

Another way to remove moles is through laser removal. The light of the laser will target the pigment in the mole. The pigment will be broken up, which will eliminate the mole. Your skin will be red and irritated after the treatment due to the fact that your skin will be burned during the process.

Other than these methods there are also some home remedies you can use to remove moles. One of the best home remedies involves rubbing fresh honey onto the mole each day. You can also apply some castor oil to the mole two times each day and then leave it on overnight.