How to Remove a Skin Tag – Best Options For Getting Rid of This Embarrassing Problem

If you have been bothered by the sight of flesh-colored excess skin hanging from your face, ears and body, then it is time to find the best ways how to remove a skin tag. And you definitely will be embarrassed by such ugly and wrinkly hanging skin especially in polite society.

As they say, you will not die from the non-cancerous skin condition but to die of embarrassment is another thing altogether. Plus, if they start to bleed in public, you will want them removed pronto. Fortunately for you and millions of other sufferers of skin tags, there are many methods to remove them, both the natural and the medical kinds. Let's look at them in detail.

Natural Methods

The natural methods are, expectedly, the most affordable option on how to remove a skin tag. After all, the materials needed are readily available from your home, be it the dental floss, the scissors and the rubbing alcohol as well as the bandages. As with any medical condition, you should consult with your physician before taking on any home treatment.

You have the thread method that involves cutting off the blood supply of the skin tag. You firmly tie a clean piece of thread like dental floss around the base of the tag, knot it and then leave it there for a few days. It will be starved of its blood supply and, hence, fall off in about a couple of days or so.

You can also turn to your handy scissors and alcohol to quickly cut the skin tag. You clean the affected area with soap and water and then rubbing alcohol. You may choose to apply an ice pack for a few minutes to numb the area. You should pull the tag away from the skin and then quickly cut it off at the thinnest point. A topical antibacterial ointment is necessary although you can skip on the bandages.

You can also spray on liquid bandage on your clean skin. You should do this natural method on how to remove a skin tag when you want to be discreet about it. After all, no thread need hang from your ears!

Any one of these skin tag remover methods is equally effective. However, for larger skin tags, you may have to seek the assistance of your doctor to remove them.

Medical Methods

Basically, the medical methods mirror the natural methods with a difference – anesthetics are required. Your doctor will remove them with a scissor, just like what you attempted to do at home except that this time, a surgical tool is used. You may also be asked to undergo electric cauterization where it is burned off until it becomes separated from the surrounding skin. And then there is cryotherapy where liquid nitrogen is used to deaden the affected area and, hence, make it fall off.

You have to discuss these medical options of how to remove a skin tag with your doctor as side effects can happen. For example, freezing and burning can lead to skin discoloration albeit temporary in nature, not to mention that money is involved.