How To Relieve A Stiff Neck? – Overcome Stiff Neck With 5 Easy Home Remedies


It has been so often that people wake up from numbing pain in the neck, being unable to move it in any direction whatsoever and realizing their lack of knowledge in how to relieve a stiff neck. Experienced by many, this seems like a very small issue to address, and often goes disregarded.

Symptoms Of Stiff Neck

Stiff necks can be recognized from symptoms like:

  • Decrease in motion of the neck and shoulders
  • Stiffness and pain in the upper back portion of the body
  • Muscle spasms in the neck and shoulders
  • Difficulty in getting into a comfortable sleeping position
  • Sometimes accompanied with fever and headache

Easy Home Remedies

Stiff neck should be addressed speedily and efficiently. If not dealt straight away, it may develop muscle spasms, which are spontaneous muscle contractions in the area that can be very painful indeed. Some tactics one can follow at home on how to relieve a stiff neck are:

  • Reduce overloading activities of the neck. Excessive strain on the area can cause the neck muscles to become non-aligned. In this case, an appointment with the chiropractor becomes absolutely unavoidable.
  • Application of an ice pack works wonders on every type of pain. Apply an ice pack on the area for not more than 10-15 minutes. Ice packs are effective in decreasing soreness and further inflammation.
  • Massage with camphor oil is an effective remedy for muscle pains. Proper, non-compulsive massages on the neck can be very soothing indeed.
  • A neck pillow is a product which is obtainable in the market. Often our mothers and grandmothers tell us to shun sleeping on a pillow once you have a stiff neck. However, a neck pillow is a very good surrogate in this case. It totally covers the neck and prevents further movements and injury in the area.
  • Carry out proper acupressure exercises on the neck. This not only exercises the muscles, it relaxes them to an enormous extent and is a popular home remedy for those who want to know how to relieve a stiff neck.

Fast Relieve From Ointments

How to relieve a stiff neck is a question often answered by ointments or pain rubs instead of home-remedies because the latter involve more time and money. A pain-relief ointment is one of the most common medicines available in a medical store but many of these ointments are preferred only for single time uses because there is always a risk of side-effects and the fact that they cease to cure pain when used continuously. Fortunately, there has been successful breakthrough in the shortcomings of pain-relief ointments.

Studies conducted by a well-reputed Health Institute discovered ointments or pain rubs which addresses pain effectively by going to the core of the problem and diminishing the pain with zero side effects. It meets the demand of thousands across the globe. As a result, it has gained rapid and very good reviews from the users including those who want a solution for how to relieve a stiff neck quickly. It contains natural herbal ingredients like Ignatia, Belladonna, Rhus Tox etc., which seek to unwind the muscles preventing further spasms and reflex movements of the neck muscles, without causing any burning or inflammation. Furthermore, it doesn’t cause any odor or burning sensations on the skin and is free from all kinds of side-effects.

The field of medicine is advancing very swiftly. Medicine is dealing with a lot of diseases which were by no means considered curable. But the requirement for medicine and science to advance is to address small pains and spasms, and diminish it to such a level that they do not remain a dilemma anymore. Ointments like these exactly tell us how to relieve a stiff neck, thus helping science move onward.