How to Regain Trust – What to Do When Your Girlfriend Cheats on You

Learning to trust someone is hard enough, regaining it is extreme effort. Trust is one of the most important ingredients of a relationship, and love without trust is not love at all. These two go hand in hand as you trudge through problems and defy the odds. Below are helpful tips on how to regain trust, be a stronger person and decide if it’s still worth it.

– Everybody makes mistakes. Depending on how severe the betrayal was, it’s still worth forgiving mistakes. Nobody’s perfect and we all have times of weaknesses that made us do really stupid things. Learn to forgive and forget. There’s always room for a second chance.

– Talk with the person who betrayed you. It’s going to be hard but eventually, you have to take it all out of your system. Talking about the issue is one way of being aware of them and can be a form of comforting yourself as well. Also, it’s one way to make the other person understand and explain his side. Learn to listen. Work things out by putting everything on the right places, clearing the doubts and moving on.

– Take time to heal. Of course it’s never easy to forgive. Trust, once shattered, is very difficult to take back. It’s like starting back to step one, a need to make-up, getting to know the other person more and better now, and a desire to make things more solid this time. You need some reassurance and hope that it’s not the end yet. But do take time to recover. When the heart gets bruised, it’s bruised hard, it hurts and it heals slowly.

Also, being able to forgive doesn’t necessarily mean it had regained your trust. You may have gone past being angry at the person who betrayed you but you have to admit it still hurts. Do not be too hard on yourself. Your happiness is your main priority. Whatever the outcome, treat it as your journey towards maturity and growth. You can never really trust anyone but yourself.