How To Reduce Chances Of Having A Heart Attack?

Someone has a heart attack every 20 seconds in US and every 2 minutes in United Kingdom, so, it is wise to start thinking from now how could you prevent having Hart Attack, especially if you have a family history with such events already.

Heart attack is a situation when myocardium, the heart muscle, is starved from the oxygen supply and starts dying. To reduce the chances that somehow you could have one of these situations, you must fight against the risks of coronary occlusion.

Some of the risk factors in heart attack can’t be influenced, such as

  • Being male – it is considered that male suffers heart attacks often then women.
  • Having a family history with heart attack incidents.
  • Getting older – heart attack is more characteristic to occur after thee age of 40

Some of the risk factors you can influence. Even starting right now. All you need is to put your will at work. It can’t be simple, but it’s not impossible.

  • Stop smoking. Yes, it’s an overplayed song – smoking harms, smoking kills and so on, but if you really want to avoid Heart Attack, quit smoking just starting from today, no delay. Your future wellbeing depends on this.
  • Smoking is evil and you now this. It contributes to the furring up and narrowing of the arteries, it affects the oxygen transport not only to the heart muscle, but entire organism. Heavy smokers already feel that there is no pleasure in smoking but a simple bad habit.
  • Avoid products rich in cholesterol (also known as LDL, bad fats or Low-Density-Lipoproteins). Soon I’ll try to add a list of rich in LDL products, so stay tuned you could better understand which and products are best to consume.
  • Go with low-fat diet. Start loving yourself, your body, start thinking positive and don’t eat everything just seem to be tasty and ok. Worldwide people are instigated by media to consume more and bigger products; the bigger is not the best. Humans don’t need everything to be gigantic – we must do the best choices to remain healthy.
  • Fruits and vegetables – everyday. All they contain compounds which can’t be synthesized by the organism, so tat we must intake them. Choose fruits and vegetables of different colors and any shape – they all are real sources of health
  • A capsule of garlic and one of cod liver oil is also believed to help in keeping heart strong
  • 30 minutes of pulse-raising activity daily, no-matter what is it – jogging, dancing, running, or many like-these activities. Just force your heart to work a little faster as usual for 30 minutes. This a necessary effort to not give your heart a chance of becoming lazy
  • Ask regularly your doctor to check your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. If they are high – you have an increased chance to develop a Heart Attack sooner or later if not treated.
  • Just take the pleasure from being healthy. Love your body and think daily on how you could improve your health. This is also a good remedy against stress – thinking positive

I hope these advices are useful and they will help you gain in time a healthy heart and a positive attitude on your health.