How To Recover From A Mental Illness In A Short Period Of Time

Eight months of dream therapy are enough to help you eliminate the worst symptoms of a mental illness and understand your psychological problems. If you are merely feeling depressed, you will already feel better and believe that you found sound mental health.

You have to keep translating the meaning of your dreams for life if you want to really become a mentally healthy individual because you have inherited too much absurdity and evilness into your anti-conscience, but you will already be able to deal with life’s challenges after seriously following dream therapy for eight months.

I’m talking about translating the meaning of all your dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation everyday during these months. If you won’t be so dedicated to your mental health treatment, it will take one year or more. Everything depends on your dedication and on your obedience to the divine guidance in your dreams.

You can learn the dream language thanks to my clarifications and simplifications, and you can also submit your dreams for professional translation.

If your mental health problem is more complicated you need more time, but the first eight months will show you what is happening within your conscience. You will understand why you have strange reactions and feelings.

Your satanic anti-conscience is the main responsible for all your psychological problems. If it managed to destroy a big portion of your human conscience, you keep listening to its thoughts in your conscience. The invasion of your anti-conscience into the conscious field happens with absurd thoughts. With these thoughts, your anti-conscience keeps inducing you to indifferently accept its absurdity and evilness.

All your dreams are produced by God, the only one who knows how to fight Satan. Your satanic anti-conscience is a terrible demon that generates terrible mental illnesses within your conscience in order to control your behavior. This is a scientific and a religious fact.

Unfortunately, everything you have learned about Satan is true, and this monster lives in your own brain. The anti-conscience is a crazy demon that wants to spread terror everywhere. It pretends to be ‘you’ and it pretends to have the desire to help you achieve your goals, however, this is not true.

Your anti-conscience’s intention is to destroy your conscience with its absurd thoughts and with all the deceptions you will have after doing what it suggests. All mental illnesses are formed by the absurdity imposed by the anti-conscience and the traumatic experiences it generates in the outside world.

Dream therapy helps you recover from a mental illness because the information you have in your dreams shows you how to stop being a slave for your anti-conscience. You learn how to develop your conscience instead of being a victim of your evil side.

You learn how to offer resistance to the invasion of absurdity and evilness into your conscience, and you understand how to behave based on God’s wisdom.

This method works for all cases, since all mental illnesses are caused by the anti-conscience, and God knows how to help your conscience fight the demon in all situations.

Today you have a clear image of what generates a mental disorder and how you can fight your invisible enemy. Your dreams and your religion help you understand the abstract meaning of your existence, which is as important as the meaning of your physical reality.