How to Recognize Dyslexia in Adults


Dyslexia is not a known condition before and there are people who grew up with this disorder and yet they do not know they have it. They grew up suffering the symptoms of dyslexia and labelled as stupid or slow learner. They are now grown up, working or dealing with their own life as adults but they are still suffering from learning difficulties or dyslexia and they do not understand what they are going through. If they knew how to recognize dyslexia, things will be easier for them and they will know the help or treatment available for them.

Now things have changed, dyslexia is already a known condition and it is not too late for those adults to know and learn about their condition. Knowing some of the signs and symptoms of dyslexia will help you identify if you are suffering from this learning disability. Here are some tips to recognize dyslexia:

One of the signs of dyslexia is difficulty in reading. Dyslexics have difficulty with reading and comprehension. Sometimes they read letters in backwards, for instance they read the letter b as d. Comprehension is also a struggle for them because they find it difficult to understand what they are reading.

Another thing that dyslexic people are going through is the problems with spelling and writing. This is a very common problem for dyslexics, they misspell even simple words and they write words the way they are spoken. Writing legibly is also hard for them to accomplish.

Dealing with numbers is also a struggle with dyslexics. Simple mathematical operations and counting numbers onwards and backwards are very difficult tasks for dyslexics that they often fail to accomplish.

Difficulty taking and following instructions, managing time, getting organized, distinguishing left from right, identifying directions are also some of the symptoms of dyslexia. You will recognize dyslexia in adults if you are aware that these symptoms are signs of dyslexia.

The list of signs to recognize dyslexia could go on because the symptoms are different from one person to another. The best way to recognize dyslexia in adults is by taking an adult dyslexia test. The tests are intended to identify if your learning disability is caused by dyslexia or not. Knowing what you are going through is the first step in getting help and treatment for your condition.