How to Raise Your Vibrational Frequency and Attract Happiness

A few days ago, I asked a random acquaintance of mine about a post he put put on out on the fbsphere. I made an innocent inquiry about it and he to turn into me quite nicely, going so far as to call my name ridiculous. I will not lie to you. I was taken aback. Especially since we've severely moved more than two words before this. What could I possibly have done to invite such bile? I thought. Now when something like this happens, its very easy to spiral downwards into a fugue of "why does everyone hate me" and "I'll never amount to anything", and "Forty is round the corner! What am I doing with my life ? " and finally, "is it even worth living …?" And nobody wants to go there, especially over something idiotic like some random person hating your name.

Once this has happened to you about three or four … hundred times, its possible to develop a little objectivity. A little distance at which you can just press the mute button on all the vitriol and examine not so much the message, as the messenger. Nine … and three quarters times out of ten, you'll find that the acid is more about them than you. Obviously, if you're uncomfortable, the common thinking is, make someone else happy and you should feel better. I'm not sure it works because these people who make a habit of behaving like 'female canines' do not seem to ever crack a smile. I could be mistaken; I try not to hang about them too much.

However, going back to examining the messenger? You find that the person is probably living in a well of misery; and its all dark and scary in their heads. You can not expect anything good to stem from that. So do not take it personally. Once you achieve my level of zenhood, you'll find that you even have it in you to feel pity for these pit bulls. (Maybe a little smug as well because you're near near as happy as they are); and therefore, whatever they were trying to get you down about, you just bulldoze right through it and be on your way.

Because you're awesome. And you know it. So do not let anyone make you forget it.