How to Putt With a Driver


Although a highly competitive sport at a professional level, for us amateurs, golf is best seen as a game you play against yourself. Trying to iron out the imperfections and improve your overall play and consistency. Following are some simple instructions on how to cope with some of the great games situations.

How to put with a driver.

• Since the driver is longer than your average putter, adjust your grip below the handle you use when swinging the club normally. This will increase your feel and control.
• Stand with your feet close together and maintain a slightly taller stair than you would normally when putting.
• Keep your hands close to your body and tilt the shaft of the club forward. Turn the face of the club into a square position to minimize the loft of the club.
• Lean your body forward so as you are directly above the ball and the target line. In this position you are better equipped to see the alignment of the clubs face and can determine the line of impact to the ball.
• Try to hit the ball thin or low on the face of the club, as this will give you more control over the distance of the putt.
• Be smooth. Hit the ball with an even paced, slightly accelerating and rhythmic stroke. Do not jerk the club. Focus on getting the distance right rather than the exact line of the putt.

Obviously in most cases an actual putter is preferred. However practicing the aforementioned steps will improve your short game as you gain improved feel for the putting stroke and the distance of the put.