How to Properly Treat Bruises

How you might avoid bruises or can you? You will never be bruise-proof, unless you wrap yourself in cotton and never move. You can lessen the likelihood of any large bruises and shrink and heal the bruises you’ll occasionally get. 

Apply an ice pack to treat any injury that might lead to a bruise such as hit to the head, falling on your legs, bumping your harms or any blows to your body. If you suspect that the bump will blossom into a severe bruise, the quicker you put ice on the injury and treat it continually for 24 hours the better chance you have of not having a bruise. 

Never apply heat to a bruise. Apply ice packs at 15-minute intervals, letting the skin to warm up naturally in between the application of the ice packs. Do this treatment for the first 24 hours. The cooling constricts the blood vessels, and that means less blood spills into the tissues to cause that big black splotch. Using a cold pack also minimizes the swelling and numbs the area, so it won’t hurt as much as a bruise left un-chilled. In the following 24 hours, use heat to dilate the blood vessel and improve circulation in the area. 

Try propping up the bruise area this helps the blood to not to form blood pockets. Add vitamin C to your daily diet. Studies at Duke University Medical center in Durham, North Carolina, show that people who lack vitamin C in their diets tend to bruise more easily. And their wounds heal more slowly. Take 500 milligrams of vitamin C three times a day to build up your collagen. This will help you not to bruise so easily. As always check with the health professional before changing your vitamin intake. 

Some medicine will help bumps turn into bruises very easily. Taking aspirin to protect against heart disease also helps you to bruise easy. Blood thinner is another drug that contributes to you bruising easily. Other drugs such as anti-inflammatory drugs, antidepressants, or asthma medicines can inhibit clotting under the skin and cause larger bruises. People who abuse alcohol or drug users tend to bruise easily, too. If you are taking medicine that might cause you to bruise easily, talk to your doctor about the problem.