How to Prevent Shaving Rash

Razor bumps, ingrown hair and shaving irritation are generally the effect of pulling the skin too tight during shaving and thereby cutting the hair too short. Some useful ways to prevent shaving rash include the following: (1) do not pull your skin tight during shaving, (2) shave in the direction of your hair growth, (3) avoid too close a shave, and (4) consider growing a designer stubble to avoid regular shaves. If you do notice infection, stop shaving and apply a mild antiseptic that contains tea tree oil as one of its active ingredients. Get yourself a good exfoliant to remove dead cells and debris from your skin. Vitamin A related products such as Retin A also help to exfoliate the skin and surrounding hair follicle area.

It is also always a good idea to soften your beard by taking a shower before shaving, putting a hot towel against your face, or the application of a moisturizer to your facial hair. Mostly the problems associated with shaving rash is due to a bad shaving technique, or using razor blades for too long periods, as well as a lack of sufficient personal hygiene. It is better to rather use a single bladed razor, instead of the twin blade or more variants that gives you a too close shave.

Shaving rash associated skin ailments should not limit your chances of a preferential and regular clean shave, but should definitely be minimized by taking the necessary precautions to avoid it.