How to Play the Silly Game Called Pin the Beard on Santa

It seems that birthdays get all the attention when it comes to silly party games. Why should Christmas get left out? Everyone wants to have more fun at Christmas and it’s the perfect time to play silly games. Why not play a funny game of pin the beard on Santa with your friends and family?

Santa’s Face

To start, you need a cardboard cutout of Santa Claus. You can buy one at a party store, dollar store or gift shop. It can be large or small but should just show Santa’s face. If you don’t find one at a local shop, teacher and educational supply stores may have exactly the cutout you need for your pin the beard on Santa game. When you get the face home, cut off Santa’s beard. After all, why would you need to pin a beard on Santa if he already has one? Throw out the old beard or keep it to tape to the decoration later if you want to use it again for another reason.

Santa’s Beard

Create a few different beards for Santa from various materials. Cut out a Santa beard from a thick, white card. Make a beard from a flat foam sheet with sticky adhesive backing so you can peel the panel off right before you use it. Crumple everyday white paper from your computer into beard for Santa. Use a gigantic sheet of cotton or several cotton balls to create Santa’s beard. You need enough beards so each player gets one. For example, if you have 7 players, you need 7 beards.

Pin The Beard On Santa

Pin the beard on Santa is played the same way as the classic game pin the tail on the donkey. Blindfold the player, spin the player around and then have the player try to pin the beard on Santa. Self-adhesive foam beards work well because they don’t move after they are placed on Santa’s face. The blindfolded player can’t change their mind so the beard is stuck exactly where they put it the first time!

Santa Gets Pinned Many Ways

You can play several variations of this simple Santa game. If you purchase a full-sized Santa cutout you can play pin the hat on Santa, pin the boots on Santa or even pin a red button nose on Santa. Even if you can’t find a cutout of Santa’s face, you can play pin the boots on Santa!

Adult Santa Games

Adults like games, too. Consider an adult version of the game, such as pin the chest hair on Santa. Create your own Santa cutout complete with his suit unbuttoned to reveal his chest. You’ve never seen Santa look so macho before! Create chest hair from thread, yarn or fake fur. Attach double stick tape or stickers to the back of the chest hair so players can pin it on Santa just like the beard or boots.

Make sure to have prizes for the winner to make the game even more fun. You can offer the Santa cutout to the winner along with a gift bag filled with candy, pencils and other small holiday treats.