How to Pick Out a Pitbull Puppy

A few months ago, I started looking for a pit-bull puppy and asking people who owned Pitbulls how I should go about getting one. The answers were shocking, but after some research and hard work the results were very pleasant. I wrote this article to allow you to find the puppy of your dreams.

1.Rescue is ALWAYS an option. There are tons of beautiful and well behaved dogs being put down everyday! Stop by a few shelters around where you live and see if you can find a dog right for you. The problem with those is, you never know who the parents were. A lot of times they were fighting dogs, which by no means will make your dog human aggressive but dog aggressive a lot of the time they will be. Dog aggression is a liability at times if its not kept under strict supervision.

2.Finding the right breeder is hard. Make sure you are buying from a knowledgeable and responsible person, who cares about his dogs. Not some punk who is trying to just make a buck. If he starts asking YOU a bunch of questions about owning a dog, don’t be surprised, they are checking if you know anything about raising a pitbull or if you are going to use him/her for illegal purposes. The breeders that care about where their puppy is going is a lot of the time a good breeder.

3.Make sure you do a lot of research on how to raise a Pitbull and the responsibilities that being a Pitbull owner entails. All dogs are cute when they are puppies, especially Pitbulls! That is one of their curses, but when they get older and bigger, people don’t know how to handle all that energy and give it to a shelter.

4.Ask for references to other people that have purchased puppies, call them up and go visit them to see what kind of puppies are produced.

5. Talk to the breeders, call them up, email them, and go visit their houses.

If they take too long to answer your calls, or emails, then you dont need that kind of breeder. Imagine when they already have your money, do you think they will answer your phone call?! Or when you get your puppy, will he be willing to help you raise it with tips and suggestions?

6. Don’t put down deposits on your puppy before going to see the puppy!

7. Make sure you meet the parents of the puppy and see their health records. Check for diseases, illnesses, hernias, ACL problems, and other things that your vet can tell you to check for. Make sure he gives you references to the vet and health clearances are there for you to see.

8. Being registered with the UKC and/or the ADBA isn’t usually that big of a deal because almost anyone can do it. They don’t require any genetic testing.

9.When looking at the Pedigree, “CH” Champion and “GRCH” signify strong blood lines. With Champion breed dogs you have a greater chance at getting a great dog. Dogs with those titles are bread for personality in the show ring and great looks.

10. Make sure the parents and the puppies live indoors, and not outdoors. This builds a strong foundation for the puppy as it grows up. Look for outdoor pens, or kennels.

11. When seeing the puppies make sure they are energetic and playing with each other. By 4-5 weeks, this should be happening already. Puppies sleep a lot, but when they wake up make sure they aren’t weak, or indifferent as this could be a sign of illness.

12.If they are given food, make sure you see them eating it, as lack of hunger can also be a sign of weakness.

13.The dog should be confident and playful in approaching you, at around 6-8 weeks you can do most of these tests with good results. Its called the Puppy Temperament test. According to what you want, this will help you determine which puppy is a better match for you.

14.No skin problems, coat should be smooth and shiny. No sores or bumps, make sure the puppies aren’t scratching to hard as that could indicate fleas.

Check for dull or missing patches of fur and red spots that could be mange.

15. You should not see discharge coming from the eyes, ears, or nose. No red tracks by the eyes. This could be signs of Parvo virus and it is very dangerous and a lot of dogs die from this each day. Don’t let the breeder tell you that its normal, and the puppy was just crying or something.

16. Puppies should have a clean living area where they spend their time.

17.Puppies should walk and run without any problems. Otherwise it can indicate hip dysplasia.

18. You should not see the ribs sticking out from the skin, that can indicate malnourishment. Puppies should have formed stool and no diarrhea. Their bellies shouldn’t be distended (both signs of worms).

19. Look for temperament in both parents. Can they both be around people; even strangers and behave appropriately. At the age of 2, dogs sometimes show signs of aggression and become biters.

20. Make sure the parents aren’t too heavy because that can cause ACL and heart problems among other issues.

21. Make sure the breeder feeds them quality food, Make sure its not supermarket food or food you see commercials for on TV. If he feeds them RAW that is definitely a plus.

22. Ask the breeder if he stands behind his pups, if the puppy gets a puppy illness if he will take it back or pay for its medical bills.

These tips are the things that helped me get the puppy of my dreams, and it will help you get a puppy of your dreams as well.