How to Pass a Kidney Stone- the 5 Best Ways to Pass a Kidney Stone Naturally

Ouch! You are suffering from one of the most painful diseases and you are wondering how to pass a kidney stone! You are part of the 5% of the population who will develop kidney stones sometime in their life! You are not alone and water isn’t the only way to flush them.

There are numerous kidney stone home remedies and many of them don’t work but there are a few that do! It is important that you educate yourself on renal calculi (kidney stones) and natural health. By understanding the problem and how your body functions to flush kidney stones, you will be on a sure path to pass them in days!

Is Water the Only Way to Flush Kidney Stones?

No! Though it is a great place to start! Water is incorporated in most natural health treatment plans because there are literally thousands of benefits of drinking adequate amounts of water. If you have seen a doctor, he will typically recommend a water flush to pass your stones. But there are other remedies other than water.

Water keeps the body working at optimal levels. It has been shown that your body is 75% water. If you live in a developed country, you probably have fresh, clean water available anywhere you go. However, you also have hundreds of other beverages to choose from and we often choose the wrong ones! There is no substitute for water when it comes to being healthy!

5 Natural Remedies for Kidney Stones

Typically, the best natural remedies for kidney stones are ones that dissolve the stones and flush them with water and fiber. Because kidney stones are usually calcium-based, natural remedies that incorporate acids to dissolve the calcium stones have been shown the most effective. Here are a few!

1. What kind of water! – Start drinking distilled water if you have the option. Distilled drinking water is purified from bacteria, viruses, metals, impurities and sediments. Distilled water is a sure way to flush your stones and not add more sedimentation to your stones.

2. Lemons!- Lemons are extremely healthy, citric and are also water-soluble fiber which will flush your body. It is believed that citric acid can aid in the dissolution of calcium-based kidney stones. Many of our customers add a couple slices of lemons in every drink. Fun tip! You can make free lemonade at a restaurant by mixing water, lemons and some sweetener to you glass. It’s healthy and free!

3. Exercise- Are you regularly exercising or do you live a sedentary lifestyle? Did you know there are also hundreds of benefits of exercising? Exercising also prevents kidney stones but it also keeps your body flushing impurities, toxins and calcium deposits efficiently. And finally, it also makes you become thirsty which will make your drink more water. Fact! People who exercise regularly drink twice the amount of water than those who don’t exercise.

4. Citrates- Citrates work by reducing the build up of uric acid and eliminating calcium salts from building up. Along with water, you should also drink a glass or two of vegetable or fruit juices such as grape, carrot or orange juices. We also recommend V8.

5. Prevention- Prevention is always the best medicine! A good way to prevent kidney stones is by reducing your sugar intake. People who eat high amounts of sugars typically are at a greater risk of kidney stones. Avoid sugary drinks and foods.

Pass Your Kidney Stones in 24 Hours