How to Pass a Kidney Stone in 24 Hours

It’s very important you learn how to pass a kidney stone if you are personally going through the pains that comes with this medical condition. You will learn and how to safely and easily pass a kidney stone here. To be able to successfully pass a kidney stone, its important you first learn a bit about what a kidney stones is and how it occurs.

A kidney stone is painful solid mass in the kidney or urinary system caused by the solidification or the precipitation of dissolved substance in the human urine. It’s also said to be a solid or hard piece of material that forms from crystallization of excreted substances found in the urine.

It’s also called renol calculi. It’s a very painful condition for the sufferers. Many people going trough this pain sometime compare the pain to being pierced with a knife and then the knife being twisted for a few seconds time and time over. This shows how painful it is. It’s something no one should have to go through; luckily, it’s a condition with a remedy.

Why is it such a painful condition? Why should you quickly learn how to pass a kidney stone? It’s painful because the solid material called the stone usually has razor sharp jagged edges and when it tries to pass through the kidney ureter, it causes extreme pain which could actually damage the organ.

This is why it’s so vital to do something about it. Now what can be done to pass out this stone fast? You can do the following things, start by drinking a lot of water.

How much? Enough to produce about 2 to 2.5 liters of urine in a day. Drinking enough water helps keep the urinary tract clear of impurities. Drinking of a simple beverage which contains enough phosphoric acid in it would help. That is the acid which gives many drinks their citric taste.

This helps ease the stones out in cases where water can not bring them out. You could drink about two liters worth of such a beverage which will permeate the kidney with enough acid to dissolve the kidney stone.

Having the right step by step knowledge on how to pass a kidney stone will help you quickly gain relief from the pain of this serious condition.