How To Overcome Social Phobias Effectively

If you feel a sense of chronic, persistent and intense fear of being watched and judged by others, you may be suffering from social phobia. You may feel humiliated or embarrassed by your own actions. Sometimes, this fear of social encounters becomes so severe that interferees with all other ordinary activities at school or work. Many people suffering from this social phobia may recognize that they have this fear of people around people. Although they understand that their fear is unreasonable and excessive, they can not overcome it. If they have to face a social situation in the future, they worry about it for days together.

Social phobias may not be applicable for all types of social situations, and can be limited to just one or a few types of situations. This could be a fear of speaking in front of an audience either in a formal or informal situation, eating, drinking or writing in front of others, etc. In some people, this fear may manifest almost anytime, they are around a group of people. Social phobias may pose an inconvenience to day today life, as they do not allow the sufferers to attend work or school regularly. These people find it hard to make or keep friends.

People suffering from social phobia may display a few physical symptoms along with intense anxiousness, like blushing, trembling, profuse sweating, difficulty in talking and nausea. These external symptoms may make you feel embarrassed in front of others. As you may feel that all eyes are focused on you, you may be afraid of being with people, other than your close family. As a sufferer, you may feel that your feelings of social phobia are irrational. However hard you try, you might not be able to manage and confront the fear you feel. You feel anxious and intensely uncomfortable, even though you have prepared yourself to face them in advance. You feel judged by others at all times.

This condition occurs quite commonly and affects both men and women equally. This disorder is usually seen to start in early childhood or early adolescence. Studies show that this disorder may be due to a few genetic factors. Did you know that these phobias usually occur along with other disorders like depression and anxiety? It is completely treatable using psychotherapy or medication. Many individuals try to self-medicate social phobia, and develop substance dependence or drug abuse.