How to Overcome Panic Attacks – Mastering Your Fear

Although panic attacks may seem to occur randomly and without any warning, they are actually the product of your own thinking. Thus, in order to overcome panic attacks, you will need to come to term with your thoughts.

Panic attacks is really nothing more than bodily sensations of panic/anxiety and the misinterpretation of those sensations as dangerous. In short, you believe that your in danger, and that resulted in an increased in anxiety, which in turn worsen your symptoms. This is a vicious cycle which most sufferers are dealing with. Anxiety worsen your symptoms, which creates MORE anxiety, which in turn escalate your symptoms, which creates MORE anxiety, etc…

As you can see, it is easy to get caught up and think that your stuck with some “mysterious illness” forever. That you are really doomed or your dieing soon.

You need to understand that everything is a big misunderstanding, a deadly mistake. Your body accidentally trigger your panic response and you mistakenly believe it for real. You are convinced that your in danger (heart attack, suffocate, faint, go crazy), and your about to die soon. All that is completely untrue!

You not having a heart attack. Your not suffocating. Your not going mad. Your not dieing.

Thus, in order to overcome panic attacks, you will need to come to term with your thoughts and ACCEPT THEM. You need to understand that it is your thoughts and assumption that are to be blamed. To think otherwise, to think that a certain thing or situation CAUSES you to have panic attacks is false!

Its not the scary movie, your neighbor’s dog, bus, taxis, public transport, or that crowded place. You don’t have brain tumor, heart attack, cancer, or any nerve damage. Its only you! You MUST understand that all these is coming from you! You are exaggerating those strange symptoms into MAJOR significance, associating them for the wrong reasons!

Thus, this is where you need to change. You need to accept these feelings and do everything you can to overcome them. Do not run or hide from it…and certainly do not fear it. It could be a long struggle, but this is where the first step to recovery must come from!