How to Overcome Insomnia

 Insomnia  is a condition characterized by difficulty getting to sleep or difficulty staying asleep, or both. Problems with sleep are often associated with many conditions, including medical and psychiatric illnesses. Sometimes  insomnia  can be caused of drug or alcohol abuse.

Depending of the type and the causes of  insomnia  there are different treatments. The best way to do is to look for medical treatment that is monitored by your doctor. In addition you can try some of the following practices that sometimes have positive effect in curing sleeping disorders.


Exercise has a direct, beneficial effect on several factors that affect  insomnia . Physical activity reduces stress and anxiety that sometimes cause  insomnia . Regular sport activities usually improve sleep patterns for many people.


Many people suffering from  insomnia  prove they have overcome it by a strict bedtime routine. It can include various activities such as hygiene practices, making of the bed, having a cup of warm milk, etc. the point is to start associating these with sleeping and improve sleep.

Relaxation techniques.

Some relaxation techniques can also be employed to help overcome  insomnia . First of all stop any activities at least four hours before bedtime. You can try some relaxation exercises or yoga to help falling asleep and better night sleep. Aromatherapy also helps so check which aroma therapeutic substances re good for this purpose. Another relaxation technique is to receive some massage treatment.

Sleep restriction.

This is another common method for overcoming  insomnia . The idea is all time spend in bed to be in sleeping. It is achieved by calculating only the sleeping time. Than the person suffering from  insomnia  should go to bed at a time that will make the waking hour when the sleeping time is calculated.

People who prefer to be awake until late in the night simply go to bed later so that they can get up at a decent time and people who prefer to be awake in the mornings go to bed earlier.

The whole idea of this method is that the only time allowed in bed is for sleeping. The allowed time should be monitored and adjusted according the result shown. Not only that by this treatment the bed is only associated with sleep but also it is likely that the day time fatigue to increase which can also help overcome  insomnia .

Alternative methods.

 Insomnia  can be overcome by some alternative methods as well. Traditional Chinese Medicine and hypnosis are some of the common practices. If you are eager to try something of these find a certified practitioner and always check with your doctor if the recommended treatment is suitable for you.