How to Overcome Disease? What Causes Diseases?

When most people think of disease they think of the specifics of the disease that they or somebody close to them is suffering from. However, what science knows as well, but does not tell you, is that every disease known to mankind is first caused by a natural and normal inflammatory response; the body responds to all threats imagined or real by this same process, the inflammatory response. By the way, most diseases known to mankind, according to a drug company's frequently used book, called the Merck Manual have no cause also known as etiology. This is simply not true.

In any case, depending on where this normal inflammation response occurs dictates what the disease is called. For example, if the inflammation process centers in the kidneys it's called a type of kidney disease. If the inflammation is located in the brain's and spinal cord coverings it's called meningitis. If the inflammation is located in the joints it's called arthritis. If the inflammation is there for a long time in some organs or tissues the body's tissues naturally responds by activating different aspects of tissues cells' genes thereby growing many more cells, which our United States medical society has called cancer. I think you are getting the idea that all disease originates from the same cause.

But what causes these inflammatory states? Is it bad luck? Or is it germs? Is it "bad" DNA or "bad" Genes "? Before we look at what causes all diseases, let's dig in a little deeper at some more characteristics of all diseases. All diseases have inflammation associated with them. All diseases have a distinct beginning . Most diseases take a long time to develop. All diseases are influenced massively by the mind, your mind! Everybody understands these universal truths.

But what most people do not understand is that each and every disease, whether they believe it or not is invited by that person. And at the same time, you can un-invite every disease as well and a lot faster than you allow it to grow inside you.

How does one invite a disease or diseases into their lives? They simply and consistently ignore what they are presently feeling! In other words, they ignore their negative feeling emotions. Let me give you an example. What does stress feel like in your body? Most people would say something to the effect of "negative" or "bad." And they're absolutely correct. And that should be a huge clue. And if you ask them, what does long term stress, a long term "bad" feeling in your body, do to your body? They would answer almost every time, it degenerates and destroys and quickly ages your body. And they would be correct, everybody agrees with these facts. However, if you ask them what actually happens when a negative feeling (stress) does in the body to damage it, most do not know this answer; and at the same time most do not know the exact cause of stress (negative feelings also known as negative emotions) in the body; do you?

In any case, when you have that stressed (any negative emotion feeling present) feeling in your body, your body at that very moment is producing the inflammation process inside of your body! And when you have this inflammation present in your body for a long time, like most people do, this creates the ideal climate for developing a disease or diseases. In the beginning of this natural process the only clue you have is how you feel, your ever present emotions. In other words, what do most people do with their present negative feeling emotions? The answer: most ignore them! Hoping they go away. Hope is wonderful, but something else needs to done to assure yourself you'll not develop a disease. What if you found a way to change your negative feelings into good feeling emotions? Would this change your chances of developing a disease? Absolutely! Of course it would! And it does! In fact, if you had some diseases, your current diseases would begin to heal?

In other words, whether you presently believe it or not, you may transcend and or heal your diseases in spite of your present genetic make-up and previous exposure; more on this important point later.

Did you know many other things occur when a negative feeling or emotion appears inside the body? For example, the body becomes more acidic which causes "bad" gene activations and "bad" gene mutations to occur. In addition, the body becomes less oxygenated, the posture becomes poorer, the body goes into catabolic dominated state; meaning the body and its tissues begin breaking down more than rebuilding or regenerating itself. A whole host of things and experiences occur, and all of these begin within two minutes of the initial presence of the negative emotion (feeling) within your body (the inflammatory process). By the way, all diseases love the above negative conditions of the body, especially cancer. Any type of cancer takes approximately 12 years of a person ignoring the presence of negative feeling emotions with in their body. In other words, this naturally occurring disease takes a very long time to develop into a physical condition in the body; which by the way is a natural response to you ignoring the negative feelings that are occurring (emotions are trying to let you know something important that you must change) inside your body. To heal this disease and others only takes a moment so-to-speak compared to the years of it developing in the body.

Do you know why your body creates negative and positive emotions (stress) in the first place? It does this for one very simple yet profoundly extraordinary reason. It is letting you know something extremely important; to begin thinking immediately in better feeling producing directions. Period. In other words, take step back and think about the topic that is currently stressing you and begin thinking about the topic in a better feeling producing way or ways! However, as I said before, most people do not ever consider, nor think, even a little bit, that their thinking has anything to do with anything in life; but it does, it absolutely does! For example, there are more than a 1,000,000,000 studies on how the body responds to negative feeling producing thinking; which is also called complaining, judging, worrying, fearing, being pissed off, to name just a few of many things people commonly do to "hurt" themselves. Which is also called a type of stress! You already know what stress does. All scientists would agree, stress, long term stress, makes you sick and certainly more susceptible to diseases. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure this out!

However, what you do not know, and that you will hopefully learn one day, is that your conscious cultivation of your habitual positive feeling producing thinking not only reverses all the negative effects of "stress" (stress = your habitual negative feeling producing thoughts / thinking) it has on your body, but it also changes your life as well for the better! Nothing is outside of you trying to stop you; you are the sole creator of every block and or obstacle and or disease in your body and life. No exceptions. How do I know this? Research, lots and lots of research! Does not it make sense? Think about this. What if you began your day finding ideas and images and stories that made you feel good every day? Would those better feelings have a positive effect on your life and body? Only one way to find out! You are not going to find drug companies doing this kind of research! It would put themselves out of job!

It's all common sense if you think about for a while. You may have never heard it put this way, but it is all unmistakably true. Consequently, to heal yourself and or your life you must learn to believe the capitol-T truth about yourself and your inner abilities. You are way more powerful in your life than you were led to believe. I pray you are getting to know this now! Begin now, to take control of your happiness and health and abundance that's literally waiting for you to enjoy and celebrate, now!

Unconditional love abounds in our Universe and it is actually flowing to you right now. Fighting or arguing or blaming or worrying stops this incredible feeling from flowing through you; learning to love more and more allows this eternal energy to flow through you, and this is what actually heals you.