How to Overcome Depression and Anger

Only wisdom can help you if you are depressed and angry because you have lost the most important person of your life. Wisdom explains the meaning of life and death, and gives you many answers to questions you did not even think of asking. Only wisdom can slap you in the face when you complain, and show you how much you have yet to do and learn.

If you believe you did not deserve so much suffering, you better examine your own psyche because you will certainly discover the reason for your pain in the mistakes that you would have made according to your character if you were not preceded to, due to the misfortune in your life. Perhaps this loss was a protection because you could have lost more.

Why you?

Other people are not in so much despair! Everyone lives and laughs …

You want to disappear …

Because, my dear, some people are wonderful, other people are artificial and only a few people in our world are genuine. You are an exception: you are alive, you understand, you care, you are not indignant to what happens in your life, you think and you can feel. You are for real!

That, for you life is difficult. You had to lose.

However, you are now wiser only because you know how insignificant you are and how empty life can be. You are not na├»ve …

Time will pass, other situations and notions will complete your journey and only then will you understand why things had to be so hard for you now that you have begon your journey. Things change a lot, but the human being survives and moves on. There is a future that is completely different from the past, which is waiting for you when you heal your wounds.

Pay attention to your dreams and take notes. The wise and saintly unconscious that produces them is in fact a doctor and a teacher. By translating these strange dream images into words that your consciousness can understand, you will be able to develop all your capabilities and become more intelligent or even a genius with continuous dream interpretation.

Most people care for their dreams only when they are depressed or when they have serious problems, in the same way that they go to the doctor only when they are very sick. But dream interpretation is not only free and safe psychotherapy for you, it is also a treasure you must explore! You can learn whatever you desire and solve all your problems with the guidance of the unconscious.

When you start analyzing your entire life since birth in your dreams, you will forget that you were depressed and angry before. This is a new world, your internal world, which is the most important one for you. Not only will you have the answers for all your questions but also for those you did not even think of asking.

Through dream interpretation, you will discover the wisdom that will reveal exactly why we pass through pain and what to do in order to live free of suffering and discover true and eternal happiness.