How to Overcome Commitment Phobia

Contrary to what others think, commitment phobias can be gotten over pretty quickly if you know the right way to act and things to say to the person shying away from the relationship.

Commitment phobias are the product of an uneasy feeling that a person gets when things are moving faster than anticipated or they don’t feel in control of their side of the relationship. When a man has commitment issues, it’s normally because they didn’t get the chance to really “chase” the woman or get the thrill of the hunt they were looking for before they met you. One minute they were taking you out on a date and giving you pretty gifts, and the next minute they find you talking about marriage.

That wasn’t in their plan. They love spending time with you, but they don’t want to be rushed, or pushed into a relationship they haven’t really had time to analyze. Now, we all know you have analyzed the crap out of your relationship because that’s all you do is obsess over it and you ask yourself these type of questions all the time:

1. when is he going to call?

2. how come he hasn’t made any plans with me for the weekend?

3. do I call him and tell him I want to do something this weekend?

4. what is he doing right now that is keeping him from texting me back. It’s been over a 1/2 hour since I heard from him last.

First off…. quit! He did not make you who you are today. You were just fine before you met him and you will be fine if things don’t work out. I know it’s easier said than done because I have been there with the over-analyzing a relationship to death (literally). I obsessed over the relationship so much, I killed it. He didn’t want to see me or talk to me anymore except for an occasional booty call. Do you want to end up like that? Then listen to this advice!

Second, get your priorities in order. If you want a man to make a commitment to you, then act like you are worthy of making a commitment too. You don’t need to be at their beck and call every second of the day. You need to go about your crazy career oriented life with your awesome friends and fit that new man in when you have time for him, not the other way around. Act like you are prize worth having.

Third, we have all had the relationship let downs. Here are some quick tips for when that happens:

1. spend the next 2 days only mourning over the relationship, then get on with your life. You are allowed two days because that’s all a broken relationship is worth.

2. go back to your crazy life where you left off because we all know you gave up more time than you should have for that man.

3. what happened to your confidence and back bone? FIND IT. You are a strong, independent, and fun loving woman. Get back to being available for the next “hunt”.

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