How to Overcome Challenges

It is funny that I am writing this article; five years ago, I would have been the last person on earth to give any advice on how to overcome challenges. Kayode Odusanya used to be a very negative person. I was always defeated at the sight of any challenge, not even thinking of a way out. I changed all that gradually, and I think a lot of people would learn from my opinion on this matter.

I can remember reading the CASHFLOW QUADRANT by "Robert Kiyosaki", and there was a part he talked about the fact that we all have abilities to overcome our greatest challenges only if we believed we could and took enough time to analyze them. One day, I was faced with the challenge of fixing our electricity generating set because the technician that usually worked on it was no where to be found and we really needed to use it.

I had seen the repairer fix it a couple of times, and I really wanted to practice what I had read, so I went to work. The repair kit was always in the garage, but nobody ever touched it, so I dusted it up, and I started repeating what I had seen done by the repairer many times. After a while of work, I tried it, but it did not come on. I did not give up; instead, I went back to work with the determination that I would not leave the place until it came on. Because I was looking at the challenge like it could be solved, the solution presented itself, and I was overjoyed when I tried it again and it came on.

Before I talk about how to handle challenges, I would like to touch on the fact that challenges would always be present in your life. They are the way through which you learn, and you are tested whether or not you deserve the things you get in life. Challenges come to teach lessons. Just like there would always be natural disasters on earth, you would always face challenges; just as there would always be wars, challenges would always come up.

1. Stay Calm

The first thing you need to do when you are faced with any type of challenge is to stay calm. It took me a long time to learn this, but when it became a part of me, it was like I was a god, and could dictate what happens to me. You can not at all time choose the circumstances you want to be in, but you always have control over how you react to them. When you take time to relax, take deep breaths when you are faced with challenges, you tend to handle them better. The next time you are faced with a challenge, instead of flaring up and reacting immediately, take some time to think, and you would be amazed at how better you would be in control of the situation.

2. Know that the Challenge can be Solved

This was one thing that was missing from my life for a long while, and I would just result to self pity anytime I was faced with a challenge. If you think that person that always seems to take care of his problems is lucky, tarnish that thought, he just believed it could be solved, and the solution presented itself. It was said in the Holy Bible that GOD would never let you face a challenge you can not overcome; have that in mind the next time you are faced with a challenge.

3. Break your challenges down to steps

I know some problems can be difficult, but try breaking them down to bits, and you would see how easier it would be to overcome. Think about how ants would detach a wounded cockroach, instead of trying to carry the whole roach into their food storage chamber. When I was to write my first book, I saw it as a challenge, and I overcame that challenge by understanding that it could be broken down to bits; researching the topic on the internet in the luxury of my room, coming up with each chapter, writing down stories to be inserted in, doing the actual writing, forwarding it to an editor (this meant I did not have to be too cautious of grammatical errors, which stops a lot of people from embarking on a writing career), and forwarding the edited book to my publishers.

Following this steps would surely lead you to victory in any type of challenging situation you find yourself; just remember to have that 'never quit' attitude.