How To Nourish Your Eyelash Growth In A Proper Way


This is in fact due to varied environmental factors like detergent soaps, shampoos, chlorinated water and too much of rubbing of the eyes lead to the loss of eyelashes, actually. Apart from this, in a few people, metabolic and hormonal conditions like hypothyroidism as well as pituitary insufficiency are considered to cause a loss of eyelashes. However, the real fact is that using a good eyelash growth serum, it is possible to help in the re-growth of your fallen eyelashes.

In most of the cases, even excessive usage of mascara is said to lead to a weakening of the lashes. This is because on usage of the mascara on that part of human body, they fall off purely because of weight.

In short, as waterproof mascaras are the toughest to remove, a few eyelashes tend to fall off when you seriously try to remove them. Moreover, when you are going to attempt to remove eye makeup, there is a high chance of lashes getting pulled out. This is why eye make-up should be removed properly and smoothly.

It has been observed that even extensive usage of eyelash curlers tend to weaken lashes to a great extent. This is why it is really nice to sparingly utilize eyelash curlers gently. However, if you seriously spot an excessive falling of eyelashes despite the fact that you do not use any make up, curlers or mascara, then it is wise to consult a physician or doctor about it as it could be a medical problem like an allergy or infection.

While lashes tend to re-grow every four to eight weeks quite often, you can improve the growth of lashes by using some eyelash growth serum to your eye lashes. There are a plenty of serum product in the market made from ingredients like protein serum, wheat germ oil, rosehip seed oil and oil of jojoba.

An eyelash growth serum is an ultimate product which can do wonders when it comes to helping in stimulating the growth of eye lashes. Besides, the nutrients available in the products assist in thickening, lengthening, and protecting frail eyelashes. The product is also great when it comes to promote healthy and unexpected growth for thicker eye lashes in a few weeks’ time.

Eyelash growth serum comes in a dropper bottle form so that you can easily apply the serum to your eyelashes, without actually touching the oils in the bottle. Try to be careful not to let the product touch any other area as well. This is because some lash growth products tend to lead to skin discoloration and in extreme cases, even trigger some allergic reaction as well.

It is nice to wash your hands thoroughly before applying the serum to their base. To obtain the best possible outcomes, apply eyelash growth serum regularly, mornings and evenings. You will have to use eyelashes growth product on your lashes for at least four weeks, before you find any results. So, don’t wait anymore! Use the web in order to find the right product at very affordable prices.