How to Negotiate Hair Transplant Costs


Over 60% of men will have some sort of hair loss in their life time which they will seek medical attention for. In over nine out of ten of these cases the most prominent factor contributing to the loss of hair is a genetic condition known as male pattern baldness. This problem, with the medical name Androgenic Alopecia, can affect both men and women and is passed down through the generations from either the mother’s side of the family, the father’s, or both.

When a man suffers balding due to this problem his hair follicles (the roots) are attacked by a naturally occurring hormonal substance called DHT. This DHT actually renders the hair follicles incapable of producing keratin, the hair shaft material. At this point the only hope for hair in the balding area is have a hair transplantation procedure performed at a hair restoration clinic. This is fairly expensive but the price can be negotiated down. With the current economic conditions most clinic are operating below capacity and are willing to give discounts to get new patients. If you have been considering hair transplant as the solution to your baldness then this is a great time to get it done.

The first key to negotiating a good price is to let the other party know it is too much. When they give you the cost look shaken and say that is more than you expected. This sets up the stage for the tactics to come. Most people are reluctant to do this part and thus they start off with a week hand when it comes down to the end of the negotiating game.

Next, ask if there is anything that can be done to make it more affordable. Maybe they can cut down on the number of grafts and give you about the same coverage. After this you can ask if they offer free financing. If you are going to borrow the money the fact that they will offer to give you an interest free loan can be worth a lot.

By this time you have often times received discounts but don’t stop there. Offer 15% less than their bottom offer. If they say no then thank the clinic representative and stand up from the table. Say it just doesn’t seem doable. You will be surprised at how many people find one more offer when you are walking out the door.