How to Naturally Shrink Fibroids

If given a choice, most women would prefer to know how to naturally shrink fibroids rather than undergoing costly and often painful surgery, which is rarely a permanent cure. Unfortunately, the truth is that unless you remove the root causes of fibroids, they will regrow following conventional treatment.

Fibroids are not usually dangerous or life threatening and this can be both a benefit and, to some extent a drawback. It puts women in the unique position of being able to take their time to consider what to do, but some believe that it also means that fibroids are not taken seriously be the medical profession, who often advocate a “wait and see” approach as fibroids will shrink during the menopause.

Alternative practitioners who can teach women how to naturally shrink fibroids are few and far between and those who are available for consultation tend to be in great demand and consequently charge high fees. This often means that information is sparse and women often find that the information around on the internet is based on anecdotal accounts.

Personally, I had had terrible fibroid symptoms for some time. I had one very large and a few smaller fibroids. I had been given the option of a hysterectomy as my doctor felt there was no alternative but this was the last thing I wanted. I eventually came across some information written by a qualified alternative practitioner who specialized in teaching women how to naturally shrink fibroids.

After a great deal of thought, I gave the system a try. I went into it with my eyes open, with the full knowledge that I would have to do some work myself in terms of making lifestyle and dietary changes. I could not face a hysterectomy, as I was only in my mid thirties yet I could not face these symptoms for the next 10 or 15 years!

At first I found the information overwhelming, yet it all made sense. It did demand commitment and dedication and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that at times I wondered if it was all worth it. However, it wasn’t long before I found out!

Within a month, there was a noticeable reduction in my pain and bleeding and it took another 6 weeks before I could really tell that my abdomen had shrunk. If you decide to learn how to naturally shrink fibroids, then don’t expect a “quick fix”!

The treatment I used is very much “multifaceted” and based around the fact that fibroids form due to the subtle interaction of a number of factors, rather than there being just one cause. Having said this, much fibroid growth is intrinsically linked to estrogen, so one of the starting points is to reduce estrogen levels.

Estrogen is both stored in, and manufactured by fat cells and so reducing the size and number of fat cells is logical. I needed to lose a few pounds, so this aspect of my treatment made me feel pretty good about myself! I embarked on a low-fat diet which was based around organic produce and avoided eating animal fats and red meat. I also drank at least 2 liters of filtered water each day. I upped my exercise level not only to help with weight loss, but one of the treatments is to improve circulation around the abdomen to avoid congestion ( a factor in fibroids). One exercise I enjoyed was rebounding on a mini trampoline-apparently a good way to relieve congestion!

Another treatment I underwent to reduce estrogen was to undergo several liver detoxes over a period of a couple of months. This was because women with fibroids are often found to have estrogen mimicking substances “locked” in the liver which cannot be excreted. These often come from pesticides and environmental toxins.