How to Measure Yourself For a Mens Leather Jacket

If you are planning to buy a mens leather jacket online, you need to be sure that you are ordering the right size, and that it really will fit you. For this reason it’s wise to measure yourself correctly before you make your purchase.

You will need a tape measure and a pencil and paper to note down the various measurements. Usually it’s also easier if you get someone to help you and ensure that the measurements are in fact correct. And be sure to make a note of which part of your body you are measuring.

There are several different measurements that you will need to take. These include:

• your chest measurement,

• your waist measurement at the point of your belly button,

• your hip measurement at the hip bone,

• the measurement around your torso at the point where your bottom is its largest (that will usually be a little below your hips bones),

• your shoulders, from your neck to the top of your arm,

• your arm (which is where the sleeve of the jacket will be) from the center of your collar bone to your wrist,

• the distance between your collar bone and your waist, and

• the distance between your collar line to your crotch (which is known in tailor language as the inseam).

Just remember that whichever part of your body you are measuring, the tape shouldn’t be too loose, and it also shouldn’t be too tight. If it digs into your skin you’ll think you are smaller than you really are, but there’s a good chance your new mens leather jacket won’t fit.

Of course you could also go and try on a few different types and sizes of jackets to see which size is generally the best. Just be sure to include the style you are likely to opt for.