How to Make Your Breasts Bigger Without Surgery

Getting bigger breasts is a wish that millions of women have throughout the world, but not many people know how to achieve it unless they go in for risky surgery. This is unfortunate, because getting naturally larger breasts is a LOT easier than what you might think. It just takes eating the right foods and doing some other things.

The problem most women have with smaller breasts is actually very simple. It's just a hormonal problem which can easily be cured. You see, the hormone that makes us women is called "Estrogen". This is a very important part of our bodies because when we go through puberty, it's responsible for making us grow our breasts and start our menstrual cycle, etc.

The problem with Estrogen is that the development of our bodies depends solely on it. This means that when we go through puberty, our bodies will only develop into womanly figures depending on how much Estrogen we have. And if we do not have very much Estrogen, it's often the case that we are not as curvy as many other women and our breasts are not as big. And in our image-conscious society, that's a big problem which can make many women self conscious.

Luckily, there's a simple way to make your breasts grow naturally. You just need to be able to boost the level of Estrogen in your body to encourage your breasts to start fill our and become bigger. And because Estrogen is a naturally occurring substance in plants and herbs, this is one of the easiest things you can do. To significantly raise the Estrogen level in your body, you simply have to eat Estrogen-rich foods. Foods such as Flax Seeds, Soy Beans and even Tofu have huge amounts of Estrogen inside (called "phyto-Estrogen or" plant-Estrogen ").

if you can eat the right amount of those foods, you will start to see a marked increase in the size of your bosoms. However, there's more to the story than that. Eating a bunch of Estrogen-rich food is not the only way to grow your breasts. You need to use other techniques, such as massages and exercises to focus your body's growth onto your breasts. And that's where you need to start coming up with your own routines.