How to Make Paper Thin Skin Thicker, Stronger and More Flexible

Paper thin skin actually exists. It is not just in your head. After so many years of nutrient loss and aging, your skin will actually get thinner and the fat underneath gets lost. What is worse is that collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin are lost, as well, all of which happened to be absolutely vital to keep your complexion healthy. Oxidation also happens to age and damage your skin. Here is how paper thin skin comes about, in general, and what you can do to rebuild and thicken your skin in no time.

The First Signs
If you think you have papery thin skin, you have probably experienced getting several scrapes, bumps and bruises in your life. Skin happens to congratulate with each small bump and people hardly ever notice this. Although you may not remember getting bumps sometimes, chances are some ugly bruises will appear anyway. Even if you just get a small knee scrape, your skin will peel away as it does with bigger accidents. The problem here would not just be one of appearance, either. Whenever the skin becomes that delicate, it becomes much easier to infect and takes much more time to heal. This means that you may require medical attention for wounds that severely even others someone who does not suffer from thin skin.

The Causes
Skin aging would be the major problem of paper thin skin. This does not only refer to getting older, though. Several people actually get easily wounded, ultra thin skin before they even reach middle age. This usually happens due to using medical steroids for a long time. In general, such drugs should only be given to treat chronic health problems. No matter what the contributing factors are, though, there are certain causes for aging skin and the amount of time that has gone by does not count. Thankfully, every essential cause of skin aging is fixable.

Supplements could also help both your skin and your health at the same time.
Look for supplements with a minimum of 30 mg of S-Adenosyl-Methionine and a minimum of 50 mg of Carnosine. SAMe refers to nutrients involved with an important process known as methylation, while Carnosine can stop glycation, which is what destroys healthy elastin, collagen and proteins within the body. Carnosine even has the power to stop glycation after it has already started. One other powerful supplement for skin repair and health would be omega-3 fish oil. Omega-3 fish oil comes with astaxanthin and lycopene extracts, which can thicken your skin, add some density, and significantly lower roughness and scaling, which are particularly common in papery thin skin.