How to Make Her Pass Out From Orgasm Pleasure Using 2 Deadly Tips

If you’ve always been mediocre in the art of making love to your woman then it is time that you learned about the two most deadly tips to make her pass out from orgasm pleasure. Read further to find out about these two tips and also learn to master them. These tips will change the way your girl looks at you after this.

Deadly Tip #1

For your very first tip you have to employ the art of oral sex. Unlike men, women have an intricate anatomy and each part needs to be taken care of to make certain that she passes out from her orgasm. Learn to lubricate her clitoris and keep teasing it during the whole time and when she does have her orgasm she will definitely pass out

Deadly Tip #2

During the actual penetration choose a position that gives you enough access to both her clitoris and her g-spot. Make sure you hit the g-spot well and stimulate the clitoris simultaneously. This will ensure that not only she passes out from orgasm pleasure but also passes out multiple times. If need be choose the missionary position because this position will help your body work on her clitoris while your penis works on her g-spot.

This position will also help you control your orgasm and give your girl long lasting pleasure. Try these two deadly tips and look at the transformation in your woman. She will start loving and respecting you more and she will want more of you and what you can do in bed.