How To Make Food For Your Geriatric Cat

This recipe is modified from the Recipe with Real Bone on

Ingredients for Geriatric Cat Food on a budget!

5 pounds of spam, tuna, or ground chuck-whichhever is cheapest

4000 mg Taurine capsules from CVS or Walgreens

200 mg of Vitamin A and D capsules

16 oz [2 cups] water

4 raw egg yolks or 2 cups of liquid eggs or yolks

4 capsules multivitamin for men

4000 mg fish oil

8 tablets of vitamin E

200 mg of B Complex vitamin

8 tbsp of kitchen salt (optional without your cat has a thyroid issues)

4 tablets of calcium

Steps to making the food:

1. Take all your spam, tuna, and ground chuck and grind it down so that it could easily be consumed by your cat. Be sure it is not too fine, because than it will be harder to mix later and harder for your cat to absorb.

2. Take your 2 cups of water and add your salt, then mix thoroughly.

3. Next you will need a pestle and mortar to crush up your solid table. Do not crush up your gel tablets. Cut them in the center and add to your water and salt mixture. After the tablets are thoroughly crushed, add those to your salt-water-gel capsule mix. Make sure everything mixes.

4. Take your eggs and add those to your current mixture.

5. Next take your ground up meat and add to your sludge mixture.

6. Make sure you thoroughly mix the sludge and meat, because it needs to be encased inside the meat. I suggest you mix everything with your hands so that it is thorough.

7. Next put it in zip lock bags, I would portion them according to days or the amount for consumption per day by your cat. Leave these baggies with your mix in the freezer for 2-3 hours.

8. After the 2-3 hours are over, grab a baking pan and line it with foam so that the bottom is thoroughly covered and nothing can leak through.

9. Spray it with non-stick cooking spray and pre-heat your oven to 365.

10. Put your meat into the pan-minus the zip lock bags. Cook it for 25 minutes and until brownish, do not let it burn nor turn a dark brown.

11. For the next 3 hours soak it in clam juice, tuna juice, or fish juice. This would allow the meat mixture soak up the smell and taste of fish, which cats love.

12. Afterwards add it back to your zip log bags according to your terms pre-day. Freeze it for the next 36 hours.

13. It should be ready to serve, but before you serve the food-you will need to heat it up in the microwave. It should not be too hot, because cats are very sensitive to heat. I would recommend to heat it up for 2 minutes and let it cool until it is lukewarm.

14. This can be repeated as many times as necessary.