How to Make a Woman Have an Orgasm – 2 Tips to Give Any Woman Screaming Orgasms

When you give a woman a screaming orgasm you will get just as much out of it as she does. Yes she gets all the sexual pleasure but what a boost it is to your manliness and your self esteem to know that you are skilled enough to give her these powerhouse orgasms.

You will never give a woman a screaming orgasm with penetration because hardly any women get climaxes from this, in fact more women fake orgasms than actually receive them. The way to make your woman scream is to give her cunnilingus (oral).

Here are two cunnilingus tips.

1. When you are licking her vagina prepare that you are licking your favorite flavor of ice cream. Enjoy every long, slow lick and make sure that she knows you are enjoying it. You see most women are a bit paranoid about letting a guy lick them but if she sees that you are loving it then she will relax more. When she relaxes more then her climax will be all the more powerful.

2. Changing cunnilingus positions is a good way to stop oral from getting repetitive. A good one for deep tongue entry is to have her lay on the bed with her feet at the edge while you kneel on the floor to lick her. Or have your woman kneel up while holding on to the headboard while you lay on your back and lick her vagina from underneath.

The basic rules are to enjoy yourself and take your time. Apply those basic cunnilingus tips and you will soon be giving your woman screaming orgasms by licking her vagina.