How to Make a Subliminal Disc

Many people claim that subliminal messages can have a substantial effect on human behavior. There are a wide variety of self help programs available that work using subliminal messages. It is, however, possible to make your own subliminal recordings if you have the right software for your computer and know how to make a subliminal disc.

The first step to making a subliminal disc is choosing the type of sounds or songs you want to listen to with your subliminal message embedded. You then have to play the media through this software that separates the song into different tracks, just as it was recorded initially. You can then record your subliminal on a separate track from the main song. This may be done either at a frequency that is just below the level you consciously hear or this track can be set so that the volume is enough below the main you do not consciously hear it over the song.

Once you have completed your recording of your subliminal message, you must save the new file that includes the subliminal into a new file on the computer. You can play it back using your computer's media player or output it to an MP3 player at this point.

In order to make a subliminal disc, you must transfer the new file you saved that includes your subliminal message embedded in the sounds to a disc and burn it using the CD burning software that came with your computer or the one that came with the sound recording and mixing software. If you choose to output and burn your file as an audio CD, you will be able to take the disc and play it in any normal CD player. The process is fairly simple if you have ever burned a disc before. If you have the proper recording and mixing software, you now know how to make a subliminal disc.