How to Make a Penis Bigger

There is an inborn desire in almost every man to possess a large penis and if he is not blessed with a long one, it is likely to hit his confidence and self esteem hard. Although the average penile size is about 6 inches, most men do not seem to be happy with their current size and yearn for a few extra inches. Women, on the hand, think that girth is more important to length. As such any attempt at male enhancement should not only be targeted towards length increment but also towards increasing penile girth.

How to Make Penis Bigger

Although there are a couple of techniques and products to help you enlarge your male genitalia most of them lack scientific and clinical approvals. Methods like vacuum pumps, weights, surgery and silicone injections can be dangerous not only for your penile health and make you impotent for life but silicone injections can even prove fatal. Under any circumstances, do not even think of using these methods.

In such a scenario, techniques that are highly favored by specialist and doctors include Traction Devices and Exercises. Moreover, natural pills can be great assistance and enhance the effect of these two natural male enhancement techniques.

Since traction devices can be quite expensive exercises are anyway the most affordable, safe and effective method of male enhancement. Moreover most men prefer performing easy and simple exercises for as little as 10 minutes a day to wearing a device for as long as 2-6 hours a day.

These exercises are called Jelqs and have been around for centuries now. It is widely believed that these exercises originated in Ancient Arab where young men used to perform these exercises not only to add a few inches to their pensions but also to increase their control over ejaculations.

Jelqs help you increase the size of Corpora Cavernosa through Tissue expansion which is the two blood holding chambers on the top of your penis so that it can hold a greater quantity of blood resulting in longer and thicker erections. This increase in size is real and permanent and your member does not shrink back once you stop doing these exercises.

A typical jelq routine installations of a warm up, stretching and jelqs which is followed with a hot compress with a washcloth and a light massage for a few minutes.

Since tissue growth takes a little time, you should not expect results over night but within a few weeks you will be able to notice penile growth both in terms of length and generation.

Moreover, natural pills when used together with these exercises further accelerate the speed of the enhancement process by giving a much needed stress by boosting blood flow to the groin and the penile region. Not only do they help in increasing blood circulation but also reduce performance related anxiety and stress to allow more blood in to the shaft resulting in more fuller and longer lasting erections.

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